Friday, August 15, 2008

Athens Graffiti

The graffiti in Athens was awesome. I took lots of photos, and through a little web research I've found some of the artists' names.

This one is my favorite by far

alexandros-vasmoulakis, 10/4/06

This artist promises that "the next will be better." I had to take a photo because of what the monster guy is saying.

a close up of the photo above

My dad argues that an artist who uses public property as his/her canvas cannot be respected (or at least, that was his attitude). It's defacement, not art. I could not disagree more. Graffiti like this adds a new level to my experience in a city. It's a form of beautification and I will take the crappy scrawling along with the inspired pieces any day. Free art rocks.

Dreyk the Pirate? (far left)

The Krah, 2/21/06

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