Saturday, October 10, 2009

Community Garden updates

We had our last work day of the season at The Woodlands Community Garden. We have done so much at this garden in the last three months, I almost can't believe it! We built eleven 8x8 ft raised beds, filled them all with soil, built a sign, found a storage shed, and built a compost bin, all in bi-weekly work nights from July to October.

It's been wonderful to come every other week and see my fellow gardeners, work in the garden, and see the garden and the community grow. It's been a time to meet new people, share stories, catch up with old friends and plot new adventures and expansion of the garden.

Here are the last three plots that we added to the garden:

And here's our new compost bin! We used old wooden pallets so it's kind of small. But there's room for expansion and we will build one or two more sections as the compost builds up next year.

On the left you can see our new storage shed. We found it sitting lonely and neglected in the back of the cemetery's storage area and we got permission to adopt it. It has a sign that says "Private" above the door, which we find hilarious. Maybe it will prevent people from trying to get in and steal our tools.


The Blue Line Garden is also coming along. The flowers are blooming like crazy and we're trying to keep the weeds down, although that morning glory climbing up the fence has been hard to control.

I recently met with the new staff member at The Enterprise Center, the non-profit that will get this land sometime in November from SEPTA. He is working on the Center for Culinary Enterprise project and he wants to make this land into a mini-farm! The Center for Culinary Enterprise is a kitchen incubator; community members will go through a program to learn how to process their own food and market and sell it in the community. The program will basically create local food entrepreneurs and will include a store where they can start selling their products. The mini-farm will be used primarily by people going through the program who will grow, process, and sell their own food products locally! I'm really excited about the new development in this garden's life and even more confident in the future success of the garden.

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Nicole said...

That is amazingly awesome! A mini-farm and store for food entrepreneurs!!??? Wow, makes me wish I lived in your neighborhood!