Sunday, December 23, 2007

REWIND: Thanksgiving in San Diego

My lovely friend Casey and her great family hosted me in SD for Thanksgiving. We had a huge delicious meal and drank an incredible amount of tea. Casey and I are enablers of each other when it comes to drinking tea, it's an addiction.

We also visited the San Diego Zoo . . .

. . . and gorgeous Balboa Park (where there's a small conservatory).

Here's how they decorate for Christmas in San Diego.

P.S. - Casey just graduated from UCD and has started an Etsy shop where she sells her adorable batiks under the brand name MoonSprout.


Carlene said...

This is just such a great post...a little of everything; Thanksgiving dinner, batik, a hippo arse.

Felicia said...

Beautiful! Merry Christmas :)