Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter Veggies

We're still getting our weekly CSA box here on F Street, but we have to pick it up at night and I never have time for a photo of the contents before it gets sorted into the fridge. Hopefully things like that will resume when my regular posting resumes. Though it doesn't look good, looking at my schedule for next quarter. Gah!

Instead, here are some healthy (and some not-so-much) veggies from my containers.

Pak choi, Chinese Cabbage, and regular cabbage:

Happy lettuce, though not very large:

And unhappy Swiss chard with a happy little cabbage in the middle:

I had to move them all from their picturesque spots near the fence in order to give them more sun. But the Swiss chard still looks like this (can you even find it in there?). I'm not worrying about it though, because my cauliflower just began to head and you win some, you lose some. Yay for container-grown veggies!


MariaPaz said...

Hey, ricos vegetales,mmm!
Take a looh to this woman and my friend how they worked the wool.

good luck with the finals ;)

cookiecrumb said...

Nice work on the bucket veggies. Do you drill holes in the bottom?
My cauliflower is a ways off from heading... Crossed fingers!
Oh, and onions. We got onions.

Era said...

Cookie - Thanks! I drilled holes with a brick and a screwdriver, seen here: