Monday, August 3, 2009

Mary, Mary

***from the south***

Our little community garden plot is in it's summer stages now. No more chard, lettuce or root veggies, and only a few little potatoes hanging on at the north end. Now we have eggplant, cucumbers, pepper, squash, basil and tomatoes.

***from the north***

On the south side: Desiree potatoes, casper pumpkin, ponca butternut squash, bush pickler cucumber, eggplant, yellow and red bell pepper, and zinnias.

On the north side: Black beauty eggplant, garden salsa pepper, Italian basil, ponca butternut squash, casper pumpkin, bush pickler cucumber, black krim tomato, green zebra tomato, sweet 100 cherry tomato, cilantro, dill, and arugula (hiding behind the tomatoes in the cooler micro climate).

We've been harvesting the cucumbers like crazy and we just picked our first eggplant but otherwise things are growing slowly. But we're watching those tomatoes like hawks circling above, waiting to fold our wings and dive into their juicy home-grown-ness.

***Green zebra***

And that's how my garden grows.

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