Friday, August 7, 2009

Update and giveaway!

Today is the first day of the American Community Gardening Association Conference in Columbus, OH and I'm here participating! I drove out with Sally who runs the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's Garden Tenders program (that I've raved about enough already). The conference is 3 days long and you can bet I'll have an update when I return.

As for my own community garden update, here's what we currently have at The Woodlands:

Eight 8x8' plots and two 4x6' plots, all filled with gorgeous dark soil. One of our gardeners (Joe) found a gold mine of beautiful dark soil that was hiding under some wood chips in the maintenance area of the cemetery. Apparently someone forgot about the chips and they perfectly composted into dark, loamy, worm filled soil, just for us to find.

The two little plots on the end are going to be used by the elementary school we're collaborating with, the Jubilee school. The UNI crew made a nice little sign for them:

My plot is doing fine, though there's been a significant amount of tomato theft (by buck-toothed rodents, I assume). I hope that once there are other people growing food in the garden less of mine will be pilfered. Plus, there is a pair of hawks nesting in the tree directly north of our garden, so maybe they will take care of the veggie robbers.

Other people have begun to plant their plots as well, I'm so excited!

Now, on to the giveaway.

In honor of all this exciting urban gardening activity, I am giving away a copy of "The Urban Homestead: Your guide to self-sufficient living in the heart of the city" by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen, the writers of the Homegrown Evolution blog. Because of an online ordering mishap one of you lucky readers will get to experience this incredible book! When I read it I feel like anything is possible. Just submit a comment by 8am on Monday, August 10th to enter.


Carlene said...

Hi! Did I ever tell you I love your blog?


(pick me, pick me!)

p.s. my word verification today is duckers

Nicole said...

Woohoo! I want to win! What a cool conference---can't wait to hear about it! I also want to have an "urban homestead" or perhaps just a homestead.

Era said...

Hahaha, Carlene I always want to tell people what my word verification is! Duckers is a great one.

miss lila said...

your little garden looks so good! I wish there was a community garden near me, but in the meantime I'm making do with my fledgling urban homestead. it's time to start planning the fall garden (summers are too hot here in FL) and I finally have enough compost for another garden bed -- just one bed is not enough!

I've had my eye on that book for months but haven't been able to buy it (long-term unemployment is pretty awful) -- my fingers are crossed! ;)