Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Buzzzz

This weekend we hosted another "Sunday Series" event at The Woodlands Community Garden - a beekeeping talk! There is a local beekeeper who is interested in keeping a few hives at our community garden and we decided to host a talk to convince the landscape committee and the board of the cemetery that this is a good idea. One of our gardeners also keeps bees at Bartram's Garden, so the two of them gave an incredibly informative and fun talk.

The weather was gorgeous again, though a little chilly, and everyone bundled up and enjoyed themselves. I even baked and decorated these little bee cookies for the occasion! I used the Vegan Balsamic Fudge Drops recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen and they are incredible, my go-to cookie recipe. I make them all the time, often substituting regular yogurt for the soy yogurt and wheat flour for white. It's also fun to have people guess the "mystery ingredient" (balsamic vinegar, duh).

After the success of this event and the pumpkin carving event my brain is full of ideas for others. Crafting, story-telling, concerts, workshops!! The possibilities are endless, I'm so excited!

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Geno's Garden said...

you are a great and enthusiastic being...Happy Thanksgiving! Jeannie