Monday, October 18, 2010

First Whiff


Last week I had my first whiff of fall! You know that decaying leaf smell? Fall is my favorite season - season of squash and apples and trees on fire with color and scarves and knitting and baking. Speaking of baking, check out this bizarre green tomato pie I made.

I know I can always go to my friend Nicole of blue bicicletta for some great seasonal drawings and poems. Here's one I really like:

Enjoy the new season everyone!


Carol said...

Hi Era,

I make and can green tomato mincemeat, which is similar spices with some apples. There are recipes on the Web.


Carlene said...

I love the decaying leaves smell! The cottonwoods seem to go first around here. That scent takes me back to elementary school field trips to the forest preserve nature center. Such a nice memory to go back to.

Nicole said...

oh beautiful fall! there are always such beautiful colors in the east--not so much color here, but it's nice and cool! Glad you liked my drawing!