Thursday, December 9, 2010


While I was on my computer hiatus I started in on my holiday gift-making. Some of them can't be posted here because of prying eyes, but some have already been given and/or will go to people who don't read my blog.

The first project was my very first pair of socks! I used the pattern "Sock Basics" by Chris de Longpre, from (Raveled). I bought the pattern and the yarn, Filatura Di Crosa Zara Chine, at a lovely knitting store in South Philly called Loop. It's a gorgeous place with friendly people who helped me find a good "first sock" pattern. They even suggested I use a larger yarn to make the knitting easier. What they didn't mention is that larger yarn = larger sock. So these will be for my Dad. But it was incredibly easy and I'm already almost half way through my second pair of socks (I'll have to post about that after the gifting is over).

I also finished up my Califon Cowl (Raveled) and gifted it to my future mother-in-law for Channukah. It was a sinch and I think I'm going to make another one for someone else for Christmas (secrets are so hard when it comes to crafting for the holidays!).

There's more holiday crafting to come!


J.W. said...

blurrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggg these are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am continuously amazed by your knitwork. you could be the next Yokoo Gibran!!

lablami - n. the name of an etsy shop that sells scrumptiously warm knitwear ('did you hear about that new lablami that era just opened????')

J.W. said...

also: yes, my eyes are prying. and drooling.

ditlo - v. to post two comments on your friend's blog in rapid succession ('ugh, don't be such an annoying, fawning ditloer')