Monday, May 19, 2008

The End is the Beginning

My dear Jaja has moved out. She is moving on to a summer of travel before starting med school in the fall. I miss her terribly, but I plan on visiting her in Napa in June and in MO in the fall (probably for rudely long amount of time). But this end is a new beginning, for all of us.

Here we are wishing her good luck with a dusky game of horseshoes and some beer. The three of us rode our bikes 3 miles to this little hole-in-the-wall bar to wish our Sissy goodbye. If only Sammy could have come.

And here's another interesting end/beginning. A large potato plant has sprouted in our compost bin. Not uncommon, but still unexpected for this compost newbie.


Nicole said...

That's so sad! So many endings and beginnings all the time.

J.W. said...

Dear Fuz,

I'm just reading this now! My bleeeeeeeeeding heart.... for now, though, feeling inordinately titillated, as I'll be seeing you tomorrow ... I keep pretending it's all not gonna happen, and a play week in Napa only deepens the denial - so be it!