Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Egg-dying, a bit late

Here's the much-anticipated natural egg dying tutorial I promised. I only got around to dying eggs with two of the natural ingredients, but I do plan on trying others in the future.

Here was the first try:

Carrot tops, onion skins, red cabbage, beets, and instructions from my amazing local food Co-op (which is practically in my back yard, I am so lucky). I followed the directions, but took the eggs out right after they had boiled. The correct time frame is below.

  • #1 - chop all ingredients into 1-inch or smaller pieces, add to pot with enough water to cover eggs, bring to a boil
  • #2 - add 1 T vinegar and raw eggs, boil eggs for ten minutes (or your normal hard-boiled egg timing)
  • #3 - take pots off heat and let the eggs cool in the solution until room temperature or longer (I waited 24 hours)
  • #4 - remove eggs from pots and use left over water to make stock or to dye fabric!
Results of the first try:

top left - carrot tops; bottom left - red cabbage; top center - onion skins; bottom center - beets

And here's the second try!

I only used red cabbage (blue) and carrot tops (olive green) this time, with white eggs. You can see that the chopped veggies leave a really cool pattern on the eggs, and you can use rubber bands to make other patterns on the eggs (this worked really well when I did it the first time around).

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