Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year, Mummers Style

Quaker City String Band: "Back in the Hay"

Here in Philly we ring in the new year with the Mummer's Parade. It's a little hard to explain, but basically the Mummers are the members of various social clubs (Mummers clubs) around the city who spend months preparing elaborate themed costumes and movable scenery to compete in the parade in a series of categories: Comics, String bands, Fancies, and Fancy brigades. It's absolutely ridiculous and made more so because the people in these clubs are mostly large, macho white men. And one day of the year they can be found marching around the city dancing and wearing makeup, sequins, glitter, feathers, tights, and neon colors. I love you Philadelphia.

Polish American String Band: " Out of this World"

Woodland String Band: "Egypt"

Polish American String Band: "Out of this World"

Uptown String Band: "A Whale of a Tale!"

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