Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday cookie rewind

A big Christmas tradition for me and my friends from home (NJ) is making and decorating sugar cookies. Each year between two and eight of us will get together to have a cookie-making marathon, with one of the goals being to create the ugliest/grossest/funniest cookie that ever existed. Oh yeah.

Here are some examples.


As you can see our dough this year was a bit rough, which is probably due to the fact that we insist on making it from scratch most years. We're getting better, I swear.

You can also see from these photos that we are very fond of using the gel icing that gets stuck to everything around it.

Award for the grossest cookie in 2003 went to Amanda for making these disgusting 3-D snowmen. The winner of the gross/ugly cookie award is determined usually by the cookie that makes us laugh so hard we nearly pee our pants. The worst part is that all of these cookies are consumed within a few days. All of them.


This year we decided to mix it up a bit and make gingerbread dough.

The award again went to Amanda for making this Elvis/granny cookie. She often wins, and she is the friend with whom I also make wonderful dyed Easter eggs.


The day after Christmas Amanda and I spent all night making cookies. We learned that a little dough goes a long way, and we were sick of decorating by the end of it.

But we came up with some novel decorating ideas this year, including using coconut . . .

. . . and fruit-flavored jello powder. Mmmm, fruity (and wierd).

A favorite (notice the small herd of dinosaurs wandering in the woods):

And the winner this year was me! This cookie made us cry with laughter. Sooooo creeeeeeepy.

So there you have them, in all of their beautiful and disgusting glory. Christmas cookies ala Era.


Carlene said...

That snowman peep thing made me laugh out loud. And you ate it, didn't you?

This years' winner is really...something. Look at it over there, lurking on the plate amidst the other cookies...

Era said...
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Era said...

Hahaha, I know! It was a failed "stained glass" effect that we were going for. It also happened to be near the end of the cookie-making-marathon, so attention to detail was well gone by then.

chelsea said...

ha! those are great. I'm not such a good sugar-cookie-decorator, you guys did a fantastic job, in a real momma-loves-it-cause-you-made-it way... :)

Mike said...

Pretty much everyone has a Cookie Holiday tradition. I love this one!

My sister and I would always make and decorate sugar cookies growing up. They were generally a bit more traditional, lol.

I really love the idea of using coconut for the santa!

Alas, I didn't make anything this past year. We were just too darn busy. Maybe next year we'll go with the "Grossest Cookie" contest :)