Sunday, January 25, 2009

Say Hello, Gracie

Distractions abound recently. Last weekend we went to a wedding in New Orleans (gorgeous), coming back just in time for the inauguration. Then on Friday my parents adopted a pup!

Her name is Gracie (changed from the original name she came with, Princess Pixie). She is 17 months old and she is a boxer mix (we think she is mixed with pit bull). She's a face licking, butt wiggling, tile sliding, bone hiding, leash pulling, head tilting bundle of love.

She came from a shelter in Virginia originally and she's skin and bones. She also has some scarring on her neck where her collar is, bruises on her legs from being crated too often and a funny burn mark on one of her ears. But she's incredibly well adjusted for an abused dog.

Get used to seeing gratuitous pup pictures, as usual.


Carlene said...

Gracie! OMG, I love her so much. Yep, I can see a little bully-sumpthin in there. Ack. I don't think you should feel bad about posting too many Gracie photos; actually, maybe you need to start a 2nd blog.


Oh, yay to the Parents for adopting her! That last photo is too cute.

Chelsea said...

what a sweety. bring on the photers.

Felicia said...

What a cutie cakes!