Friday, June 5, 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome

Last week the robins finally flew the coop. I've been watching them develop in the nest outside the Education building at Bartram's for the past few weeks. I miss them.

Here's the tree where Mama was sitting on her nest. You can see it in the crotch of the branch that is third from the left.

The tree is a Redbud and the nest is only about 6 feet high. There's a rock underneath it that I could stand on and stick my camera up above the nest to take pictures (only when Mama was away, of course).

Here she is warily watching me about a month ago when the Redbud was flowering.

Her three tiny bright blue eggs:

The two chicks that hatched (who knows what happened to the third egg). They look like little aliens with clown mouths. Hahaha, cracks me up!

This is what they looked like about a week ago, they're almost too big for the nest!

All last week I stalked the poor robins because I was fascinated with them. Working with kids makes you appreciate the smaller miracles in nature. One day I took a class of third graders by the nest and we all got to see this little miracle:

And then at the end of the week I came in to work and one little robin had already flown away and the other one was testing her wings. She had somehow made it up to a branch above the nest and was sitting there still as a stone while I watched her. I had to go teach and when I returned, she was gone. Ah, life.

Look at how speckley she is!

Good luck little robins.


Blue Bicicletta said...

so cute! That is what I love about going by the same places every day---you get to see little miracles like this! Great detective pictures!

Carlene said...

Isn't it awesome to watch the whole process? We had them in a tree near our kitchen window a couple years ago, and never got anything done until they were gone.