Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Ba-ack!

It's our first CSA box from Red Earth Farm!! The pickup location is only 6 blocks away so I can walk over there on Tuesday nights and walk back with my box o' goodies. It's kind of ironic that in Davis I usually had to drive to pick up my box, but now that I live in a huge city I can walk.

In the box: Pac choi, spinach, green and red leaf lettuce, green onions and one baby basil plant. We bought an egg share too so this week we got a dozen beautiful eggs (with small, dark yolks - I'm eating one now).

I'll add this to the CSA Flickr group and my own CSA set. Jaja has joined in the fun of posting pics of her CSA box ("CSYay!!"), and I'm really enjoying my friend Erin's postings about her CSA box on her blog and on the Farm to Philly blog.


Mom said...

I am so jealous. Maybe next year!

Heather C. said...

Where do you pick up your box? What's the name of the CSA? And do they cover the U. City area, too? Oh, and how long does the share length have to be?

Era said...

My farm is called Red Earth Farm and the season is from June to November. You have to pay for the whole season when you join, so there is no choice of "share length." They cover all of Philadelphia and if you email me I will tell you where I pick up my box because I don't think the farmers would appreciate me broadcasting it to the world over the internet.

Thanks for your interest!