Sunday, June 21, 2009

How does your garden grow?

So pretty.

But lordy, just look at those potatoes! And the marigolds! Those two crops are clearly taking over the south side of the garden plot.

The potatoes are shading the cucumber and squash seedlings that are coming up, I'm not quite sure what to do about that. But the potatoes bloomed! And supposedly the flesh of the potato is the same color as the flower, which is a gorgeous light pink (yay!).

The cucumber transplants are looking healthy and sending out nice little tendrils. They are supposed to be a bush variety, but we'll see. They seem to want to crawl right now.

The north side of the plot is much more organized: Fordhook swiss chard, emerald oak leaf lettuce, oxheart carrots, watermelon radish and golden beets are coming up nicely. On the far north the tomato transplants are happy, and the cilantro and arugula are coming up in their (meager) shade.

The potato flowers apparently close at night and re-open during the day, even when they're cut!

Tomorrow we leave for our trip to CA, see you on the flip side!


sonrie said...

your garden looks great! I'm posting some pictures soon of ours -- there are some parts that looks all wild and viney. Our potatoes just bloomed, too, and were looking really good after all the rain, but a little tired looking last night after 3 days of heat. Hope they hang in there.

Nicole said...

Wow---your garden is really getting big!!! See you soon!