Friday, September 11, 2009

Garden status

Right now the winter squash vines are taking over the garden. It's a rookie mistake, the same one we made when we underestimated the size of the potatoes in the spring. These squash vines are causing us to sacrifice other crops to make room for their huge leaves.

***from the north***

But check out what we'll get in the end! Little ponca butternut squash and casper pumpkins.

In other news, unfortunately our tomatoes are suffering from blight and pooping out way earlier in the season than we expected. We also had to rip out our cucumber vines a few weeks ago for the same reason. We've resorted to using the farmer's market to supply our insatiable pickle addiction.

We also dug up the remaining potatoes to make room on the south side of the garden for fall crops.

***from the south***

And the eggplant is very happy we did that.

The end. For now.

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sonrie said...

I think perhaps our tomatoes are suffering from the same thing...though it also may just be from the shamelessly cool summer weather and over-raining this year.

Our squash has done pretty well, but our marigolds are what we've had to partially remove in order to save some other things. Your eggplant looks just like ours -- gorgeous!!

And, we've only had 1 butternut squash...lots of blossoms but nothing more yet.