Sunday, September 6, 2009

Basketweave for Baby

The baby is here and I finished this blanket just in time. The pattern is NMCRS Basketweave Baby Blanket ver. 2 by Cathy Waldie, ravelled here. I altered it a bit by including different colors, and I don't know if I made it the exact same size as the pattern because I stopped reading the pattern after a few reps.

Here's one of the big brothers showing off the new blanket. The mom, D, absolutely loved it and told me that it's the first hand-made blanket the kids have. I was so proud. This baby is the first girl of the family and her room is almost completely pink so I'm glad the blanket is a bit more androgynous.

I was babysitting the boys the day they brought the baby home and it was so incredible. Emotional and exhausting, but incredible. I guess I've experienced that before, but at the time I was 2.5, so I was better able to understand what was happening this time.

The next project I'm working on is for my lovely friend Nicole who is getting married later this month. Jaja and I are reading a poem at her wedding!! Both of them are secrets and since I know Nicole reads this blog, I will be silent on the subject until the reveal.


Nicole said...

Beautiful blanket! And how dare you tease me with that! Oh wow, a hand-made gift! I can't wait!

Carlene said...

Beautiful work.