Sunday, May 10, 2009

For the Mamas

I just spent a lovely Mother's Day in NJ gardening with my sister and my mamma while my pops BBQed lunch and dinner for us. I hope all the mothers out there had just as wonderful a weekend.

Here's something I'm making for another mother in my life. D, the mom of the two boys I occasionally sit for is pregnant with their third, a baby girl! I'm knitting a little blanket for her in a simple basket weave design which I've attempted to ravel here.

When I make baby blankets I try to make them gender neutral, like this one I made in primary colors for my friends' new baby (he was new at the time). The current blanket has girly overtones, what with the purple and all, but I think it's different enough and at least it's not pink. I made a lot of progress on it last weekend when I was trapped in Atlanta. D is about 5 months pregnant so I have a healthy amount of time to finish this blanket, time that I will need because my craftiness has really fallen off recently.

We also made a lot of progress on the new community garden this weekend, and I think I am finally ready to spill the beans about it. Things seem to be concrete enough now for me to tell you about the garden without worrying that I'll have to take everything back the next day. So stay tuned!

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Nicole said...

Nice blanket--and exciting news about the garden--can't wait to hear it!