Thursday, May 28, 2009

Square by Square

The garden is coming along nicely.

The potatoes are getting huge (they are much bigger now than when I took this photo last week), but they haven't flowered yet. Should they have? I've never grown potatoes before.

On the south side of the plot we have:

  • Ponca butternut squash and Casper pumpkin (from seed, in top left corner)
  • Desiree potato
  • Bush pickler cucumber (from seed in the three consecutive "empty" spaces, and transplant)
  • Red and yellow bell pepper
  • Mache aka corn salad (in bottom left square, above the snap peas)
  • Dwarf grey snap pea - these are goners, I'm going to plant something else in there soon
  • and Giant strawflower, Double pinwheel marigold, and Zinnia (in lower right corner)

***Mache - I probably won't bother planting this again because it's slow and not very tasty. But I got the seeds from Bartram's Garden so I had to try it out.***

On the north side of the plot we have:

  • Golden beets and Watermelon radish (in succession in the top left)
  • Oxheart carrot
  • Emerald oak lettuce
  • Fordhook giant swiss chard
  • Santo cilantro, Bush basil, Dukat dill, Arugula (all seeds, not sprouting yet)
  • Bush pickler cucumber
  • Black Krim tomato
  • Green Zebra tomato
  • Sweet 100 cherry tomato
  • and the remnants of the mesculun mix

So pretty!


sonrie said...

Your garden is very pretty! I wish we could have a trade for all the things different between our two gardens.

I have never grown potatoes (or much of anything for that matter), but ours haven't flowered yet, either. The only things that have flowered are an eggplant and the tomatillos. Though, our radishes are ripe for the picking, as are our greens.


girlfiend said...

We planted potatoes very late in the season last year and dug them up in the fall. I don't remember how long it took for them to flower, but considering my husband took a random potato from the kitchen, cut it in pieces and threw it in a deep pot, it all worked out. So I wouldn't worry about the potatoes.

What did you use for your trellis?

Era said...

Good, thanks for the potato advice.

For the trellis we just drove two 6 foot steel fence posts into the ground and strung it with 14 guage galvanized utility wire. I suggest you don't do this. Get some fencing with 3x6 inch openings and use between the fence posts (they were out of it at Lowe's and I am a very impatient person). Weaving it yourself with wire is time consuming and dumb.