Friday, May 15, 2009

I get to work here . . .

This is Bartram's Garden in the spring time. The copious rain we've been getting means that every time I walk these paths the view changes. This week the native azalea bushes are going gangbusters, the birds are out, and the blooming locusts are making the garden smell like heaven.

**The boardwalk in the wetland alongside the Schuylkill River**

**Mossy path covered with Carolina Silverbell flowers**

**Stone garden wall built and carved by John Bartram c.a. 1758**

**The stone house, built by John Bartram from 1731 to 1770**

**The robin who lives in the tree outside our classroom**

I am loving my job right now. And it seems as though I've truly made myself indispensable elsewhere too because I recently got hired by Tyler Arboretum to do some weekend environmental education work! I start on Sunday, wish me luck!


Carlene said...

These are some really great gigs you're getting for yourself. Oh, you won't need luck. Well, maybe just a little.

(good luck)

Nicole said...

OOh, congratulations! How perfect! Beautiful pictures---it looks so New England-y. I'm so happy about how things are happening for you!