Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'd like to be/under the sea . . .

This weekend I got hijacked by the thunderstorms that poured rain all up and down the east coast. I went to my high school friend Emily's wedding in Florida and I ended up spending an unscheduled night in Atlanta on the way home. Ick. But it was worth it, sunburnt shoulders and all.

I recently got back in touch with Emily after a six year hiatus while we both went our separate ways to college and beyond. As fate would have it we reconnected last fall, a few days before she and her now-husband were going to be in Davis as part of their let's-find-a-new-place-to-live road trip! So they stayed with me in Davis and we found out that we still had a lot of things in common (probably more now than in high school). A love for food co-ops, bicycle transportation, and good beer to name a few.

So last weekend I was lucky enough to be present as Emily, my high school friend, got married. I am now officially in the next stage of life.

Emily and Nick's wedding was perfect in so many ways. They did all of the planning themselves, on a budget, with as many eco-friendly touches as possible. I'm not sure if this makes sense to anyone else, but to me it seemed that every single detail was so well thought out and deeply personalized that the event itself was truly a symbol of their partnership and commitment to each other.

The ceremony took place on the beach and the reception took place in the space underneath their rented beach house. The colors were recycled-paper-brown and yellow green, and everything had this fabulous upside down octopus on it. The party favors were screenprinted reusable grocery bags and the table cloths were screenprinted recycled paper. Each table had glass jars filled with sand, wild flowers, candles and crayons. And check it out, a cupcake tower!!

All of the friends stayed in neighboring beach houses and we all helped to set up the event (which was really awesome because it felt like more of a community undertaking that way). There were events to attend all weekend too so I actually got to spend some time with the bride and groom.

So I have a wedding to go to in June (plus two others in June that I can't go to because they are all on the same exact day) and another one in September. They are all friends' weddings and I'm sure all will be just as highly personalized as this one. It's overwhelming to be entering this phase of my life, but I'm such a sap that I'm actually looking forward to them.


haasome said...

Beautiful! And congrats to fellow GLer :)

Nicole said...

ooh, that's beautiful! I love the colors, and the quality of light in the pictures is gorgeous! Thanks for the ideas!

J.W. said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this makes me want to become a wedding planner that plans all her weddings exactly like this one ... amaaaaaaaaazing