Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garden progress

The garden is growing, slowly. So far the only thing to harvest are salad greens, but M and I have had at least four large salads from this patch already! We've also had a solid week of rain which has been good for the garden, bad for my windowsill seedlings. They are long and leggy and I'm thinking I will have to buckle down and buy some starts if I want tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and peppers in my garden.

It also looks as though we've had some visitors in the pea patch. Visitors with long fuzzy ears and buck teeth. I shake my fist at you, you wascaly wabbits.

On the bright side, I visited the Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center where I got two big buckets full of beautiful compost for FREE. I love free. At the Recycling Center anyone can get up to a trash can full of compost, manure or wood chip mulch for free. After that it's $18 for 1/2 ton (of compost, I'm not sure about the rest). Here it is all laid out in the garden. I didn't want to suffocate the seedlings in some squares so they miss out.


sonrie said...

Your garden looks wonderful! What did you plant? I can't wait to follow along with the summer

Carlene said...

This is very inspiring! I have a couple more weeks before I can't plant outside. Can't wait!

Nicole said...

We're having some problems with our summer vegetable seedlings too, and I think we're going to cave this weekend and buy some more tomato seedlings from the nursery. We already planted two and they're doing great. Darn those home-grown seedlings---I whisper "grow," but they do not listen!!! How rude!