Sunday, September 13, 2009

We're up to our ears . . .

. . . in pickles. Of every type. We started with jars of dill and sweet turmeric pickles, then moved on to dilly beans, pickled beets (delicious, seriously), pickled hot peppers, and pickled onions and carrots. My next experiment is pickled green tomatoes. If it works I may have found a way to outfox the animals who keep stealing all my tomatoes, mwahahaha!

I also put up some peaches in simple syrup the same way I did the sour cherries. The peaches also came from my neighbor Katrina, who just happened to have some extra from a recent trip to the orchard. She is amazing.

So far we've been keeping these things in the fridge because we don't have a pot with a rack and jar lifters and it's a pain in the butt to properly sterilize them for the shelf without those things. Plus, we eat them so quickly there's almost no point.


Mom said...

Put these on your birthday list!!

Nicole said...

So much garden love, and vegetable love in these posts!! Woohoo!