Sunday, April 18, 2010

Porch Status

I haven't posted many pics of my porch plants because they are often in a very sad state. But it's spring! And that means that everything is looking much nicer than normal, and I'm paying a lot more attention to my plants. So I thought I'd show off.

Romaine and "red fire" lettuce, garlic, yellow and red onions, pansies, wildflower mix (still sprouts), sage, spinach, cilantro, and swiss chard.

Penstemon and pansies.

Peas, pansies, lettuce, and redbud branches.

Chives, strawberries, and daffodils.

Amaryllis! Okay, this one is not on the porch, it's in the sun room. But still.


sonrie said...

the porch looks great! i only have flowers on my porch, but it's a great idea to have herbs and lettuces too.

Nicole said...

ooh, growing things everywhere! So pretty! I have a little jade plant that has recently made a come-back. Every day, it smiles at me when I come home. {it was in a very sad state until we repotted it, and now it's sprouting new green}. It makes me unbelievably happy!