Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting Buzzy

The weather is warming up and all of my projects are starting to go at full speed. Besides the work I'm doing in the gardens, I'm maintaining this blog, the Woodlands Community Garden website, writing for Farm to Philly, and thinking about starting a new blog for the Walnut Hill Mini-Farm. There will probably be a little bit of restructuring happening here soon.

At the Woodlands, my lettuce is starting to come up, the trees in the cemetery are bursting with flowers, my kale is bolting, and we got bees!!!!

We are extremely excited about the bees. Sue from UC Green was instrumental in getting that going, and I love the colors they chose for the boxes. Local beekeeper Duffy will be tending them, and I look forward to lots of pollination and potentially some honey in the future!

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