Sunday, August 22, 2010

Antique Score!

The town where E and T live is really small; a post office, a hunt and tackle shop, a grocery store, a gas station, an amazing antique store (that we discovered last year), and now, a thrift shop! (The thrift shop might have been there for a while, but it's new to us.) Pretty good for a small town. Last year I came home from Bramblefest with a good haul of "antiques" and this year was no different. Check out my amazing finds.

A Tadashi dress from the thrift store. According to the internets, this brand usually runs over $100. Mine was $13. Booya!

Reversible apron.

Four small Fiestaware plates that my mom bought me, one of which matches the bowls she bought me last year. I plan to collect this stuff randomly as I come across it until I've replaced all of my current dinnerware with Fiestaware. Nerd alert!

And here's my favorite find, a cardigan clip. My excitement is possibly due to my borderline obsession with Mad Men (the only reason I would consider getting cable).

So cute!


Carlene said...

Wow, nice haul! And...I totally forgot about those sweater clip thingies, I have been trying to think of something to close a couple button-free cardigans that I have, and I hate using a brooch on the thin ones.

J.W. said...


(avelea, n. an award-winning, lifetime achievement haul from a thrift store or antique market)

Nicole said...

that is a crazy amazing dress! And so many amazing other things.