Monday, August 2, 2010

Sew Sneaky

I went to another class at Spool this weekend, my local hip fabric shop. They have the most gorgeous fabrics, and they cycle through inventory really quickly, so even though the shop is small, the selection is always changing.

And check out what I made! It's a pillow . . .

But what's that sticking out of the bottom?

It's a quilt!

Now what would YOU call something that's both a pillow and a quilt? Why, a Quillow, of course!

I can't give you the pattern because it's not publicly available on their website, but I found one here that's approximately the same.

I'm really happy with my quillow, I can't wait to take it with my on the looooooong bus ride I'll be going on soon (more about that in the next post!).

1 comment:

Sarah M. said...

I love the fabrics in your, ah, Quillow! I'm envious that you've been able to work with fabric recently.