Sunday, February 18, 2007

My first blog post . . .

I've really enjoyed reading other people's blogs, especially yarnstorm, and I'm interested in sharing my own aesthetic sensibilities with others. I recently moved from the New Jersey/Philadelphia area to Davis, California to attend graduate school. I'm getting a Master's degree in Environmental Horticulture and living in a semi-broke down house with three other people and a beagle puppy named Marshall. I'm trying to live my life in as sustainable a way as possible while attending classes, crafting when I can, and maintaining a long-distance relationship with my boy M in West Philly.

In addition to yarnstorm I've recently been inspired by 3191, a visual blog by two people living 3,191 miles apart who each take a picture every morning. I find it desperately romantic, even if they're not a couple. Every day I'll be posting my own "morning picture" at the top of the blog.

The blogs I read are mostly written by women a half-generation older than me who have families and beautiful houses and careers. So this will be a little bit different as you hear me talk about my classes and my relationship and see pictures of my less-than-perfect house. But I like it that way, that's where I am in my life right now. Now, onto some pictures. The following are all morning pictures from the past two or three weeks.

My backyard, with dandelions going to seed in February. This was a few weeks ago and now there are new dandelions blooming again amongst the old heads. I saw birds out there this morning stretching up on their tippy-toes to eat the dandelion seeds from the top of the seed heads. You can also see the yard of the elementary school that shares a fence with us.

Two weeks ago it rained for about four days. It's rainy season here and it was a much needed dousing. However, M was supposed to come visit the week after so I was not pleased with the rain. But I actually love to photograph in the rain so it provided some nice new material for me.

Ah, M and his wonderful flannel. This is one of my favorites; he and I have a similar affinity for tacky things and it spills over into our aesthetics. Though his fashion reflects it more than mine (at least I'd like to think so). But this flannel fits in wonderfully with the 70's wood cabinets and awful/wonderful wallpaper in the kitchen.

He left this morning and I've been keeping myself occupied with cleaning the house, doing laundry, and blogging so as to avoid missing him. I made some nice chrysanthemum tea and have been listening to NPR all morning. My housemates all went home for the three day weekend (they are native Californians) so I am cleaning house for their return and putting off doing my problem set as I listen to Car Talk; Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me; and Prairie Home Companion. It's been a fairly productive day actually and cleaning always calms me and allows me to occupy my mind with busy work instead of sadness.

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Carlene said...

Hi, and welcome to blogging...I look forward to reading! Oh, there is a good article on organic vs. local and the karma of food in this month's Yoga + Joyful Living, if you can find it.