Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beet it, just beet it

This post by Cookiecrumb over at I'm Mad And I Eat inspired me to post a picture of one of my favorite aprons. I have a ton more back in NJ, but only two of them made their way out to CA (this will soon be rectified and I will show you all the amazing aprons I've inherited from my mom and grandma).

And here's a pic of some beets that I scrubbed and cooked the other night. I tried an idea from my friend Kim; cooked beets in Annie's Mac n' Cheese. It was pretty good, and the pink color was satisfying (sorry no pics, it wasn't really that attractive, despite the color). It certainly was easy to prepare, but I think I'll continue to look for beet recipes. Any suggestions?

My family is coming to visit for a whole week on Friday, and we're visiting the Sonoma Valley this weekend. This means two things; pretty pics of vineyards and bubbly coming up, and I can show off that weaving project (the Mother's Day gift), after I finally give it to my mom.


Felicia said...

Lovely apron :) Hope you enjoy your family's visit!

Carlene said...

Ooh, I'm looking forward to seeing that weaving (and your apron collection)!

cookiecrumb said...

It's so-o-o good that you've save your inherited aprons! Very cool.
Also. Do you sew? Have you seen some of the cute aprons at Etsy? Be inspired.

Era said...

Felicia - Thanks! I will, and I'm sure you will see pics here pretty soon.

Carlene - It's been a long time coming, and the result is not exactly what I intended, but it's pretty cool anyway. You'll see.

Cookiecrumb - I'm slightly obsessed with the apron blog "tie one on" (I'm not going to even try to put the link here, it's in my sidebar). There's a lot of inspiration there. I haven't made my own apron yet, but I have all sorts of lofty plans in the works.