Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Want Yuba

On Saturday a new friend and I went out on an adventure. The Central Valley has been incredibly hot and dry lately, and an adventure was just what I needed. We prepared a big picnic lunch, complete with peaches from her neighbor's tree (which hangs over the fence onto her property, so we both think the peaches belong to her and her house-mates, and don't try to tell us otherwise). We also hit up the Farmer's Market on the way out of town, for some chocolate chip cookies to round out the lunch.

Our goal was to drive for about an hour and half, then hike 2.5 miles to University Falls and enjoy the day swimming and relaxing. Through a mistake in navigation, we ended up driving about a half hour in the wrong direction, and abandoned our plans for the hike, electing instead to stop at the Yuba River for a swim.

We stopped at a bend in the river where large boulders slowed the waters so it was almost a little lake. There were a lot of people there, it was almost like a beach atmosphere with all the coolers and canopies and stupid people with bad tans. There was good people-watching and the water was warm and the setting was beautiful. We really lucked out (and I don't think either of us really wanted to do that hike anyway).

We ate and napped and swam and watched people jump off of the bridge into the water, almost 200 feet below. The sound they made when they hit was incredibly loud and painful-sounding.

It was the first time all summer that I've worn my bathing suit, which I think is a crying-shame. But that's what you get when you live in farm country. I just hope I get at least one more chance to wear it this summer.


Felicia said...

Now that looks like a totally groovy hang out!

B.T.S. said...

oooh come on living in farm country is little excuse for not wearing your bathing suit. Get a kiddy pool, or even a slippin' slide...