Sunday, November 11, 2007

To Everything, Spin, Spin, Spin

I've been trying to document the process of making wool into yarn in a systematic way, but I have to skip a step and get straight to the SPINNING because I just can't wait! My spinning class started a few weeks ago and I've spun my first two skeins of yarn! Here they are:

The top one is just some practice wool we were given, but the bottom one is my own cleaned Suffolk wool that I received from my friends in PA. This type of yarn is lovingly called "novelty yarn" because it's completely non-uniform and lumpy bumpy.

I also learned that Suffolk sheep are bred for their meat and not their wool, so it's not the best wool to use, but that almost makes me love it more. Trial by fire.

Here is the adorable, brand new, New Zealand Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel I get to use. Check out the little kiwi on the right foot pedal.

Spinning is actually an incredibly frustrating skill to learn because you need to coordinate your hands and feet. Some of us aren't so good at that. My friend Kim was teaching the class the day I tried to spin for the first time and I feel horrible for her because I got so angry and frustrated that I almost kicked that stupid wheel across the room.

I didn't expect it to be so hard, I have to admit. But I'm learning. Here's some single-ply yarn on the bobbin. It doesn't look half bad, if I do say so myself.

I'll go back and document the carding process soon, and hopefully I'll be able to spin enough yarn to dye and make into hats for some special people in PA for Christmas.


Michael said...


I shouldn't be at the top of your list... but if you have leftover time and yarn, man I like a good hat!

Love you!

Felicia said...

You've got to start somewhere. It'll get easier with practice :)

Karen said...

I've never tried spinning, though I'd love to learn, but just keep going and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it and it'll be great!