Friday, November 9, 2007

Vermillion Lies

What an awesome surprise I got when I cut up the "red daikon" from the last CSA box!

I wouldn't call that red at all.

Coincidentally, I have recently become obsessed with a music group from Oakland called Vermillion Lies. Here are some lyrics from one of my favorite songs, "No Good":

"I never promised you anything,
somehow I'm the bad guy in the end.
You wanted of me,
I'm not gonna give you anything,
I'm no good anyway.

I passed my expiration date,
if you look at the ingredients you'll find
you're allergic to me."

And here's "Circus Fish":

"I cook you up some lobster bisque
I want to smoke you like a fish

You smell like kelp, I think it's hot
I want to stick you in my pot

It's true you are my fish filet
I'll fry you up with some frisee"

1 comment:

Zoomie said...

Seems we have cat loving in common, too. Tarquin looks like a character!