Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trash to Treasure

My house-mate Crystal is a dynamo. She just finished her first year of vet school and every time she has a break from school something fabulous happens to the yard. Here's the latest:

She bought the old tub and window from a place in Berkeley a while ago and it's been sitting in our yard for a few months. But after school was over for the summer, she filled the tub with empty plastic bottles. She added a layer of mulch, then potting soil, then she planted it with herbs.

She also mulched the whole yard and the garden. It was basically hard-pack dirt before and now it's gorgeous!

Bravo Crystal!

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Susan said...

Enjoyed reading your posts!
And thanks for checking in at Give Plants a Chance.
I just updated and have a ton of stuff to add during the next couple weeks.