Sunday, July 6, 2008

Veggie Renovations

A few weeks ago I pulled out those bolting cilantro and celery and planted some yummy summer veggies:

'Ambrosia' Cantaloupe

I bought some great new gardening gloves, too. Pink, of course.

'Tasty Green' Cucumber

Here's the cucumber after a few weeks:

On the left, Zucchini. On the right, 'Klondike Green Striped' Watermelon!!!

After a few weeks, the zucchini is doing quite well. The watermelon, notsomuch.

I decided that my veggies were looking a little peaked, so I bought this fabulous organic fertilizer: "Tiger Bloom"

My tomatoes are much happier for it:

My peppers and eggplants are producing (you can see why I needed the fertilizer).

My first harvest!!!


Katie said...

Maybe I will start cucs again. They kept dying in the May hot/cold weather we had. My watermelon took forever to take hold, but man once it did, there is no turning back now!

Nicole said...

cute peppers!