Wednesday, June 4, 2008

They Keep Growing and Growing . . .

My happy little seedling transplants are growing into happy little veggies! Here's the original planting post. And here is my current progress:

Strong-looking tomatoes and delicious mystery onions. I may need to transplant that middle tomato (this after advising my own mother that it's getting to be too late for transplanting tomatoes in NJ, let alone CA).

The onions are a mystery to me because I didn't expect them to form such large bulbs. I secretly think they are sconions ("scun-yuns"; this is a cross between scallion and onion and I swear I've heard people call it that before, but the internet is denying it).

Sweet basil and a little eggplant in the middle (it may need a bit more room, whoops).

Pepper plants and an eggplant in the middle again. That's Boomer Petway in the background, the newest in my fleet of bicycles (can two individuals be called a "fleet?")

A pepper-to-be! (I'm on a roll with these parenthetical comments, better keep it up).

Here are some that are not doing so hot: cilantro from this planting, and celery from the last planting. I'm keeping them in the tubs for lack of fresh transplants to take their place.

And because they make a nice, fragrant addition to my little backyard flower bouquets.

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