Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yo Soy Yogini

I love yoga. I know I'm just adding to the list of things that my family in New Jersey can make fun of me for, but I don't care. Have you tried this? It's wonderful. It's all about stretching and breathing, pushing your body (not too far) and leaving your worries behind.

I go to class about once a week and spend an hour and a half doing vinyasas and asanas in an 80 degree heated room. The asanas (AH-sa-nas) are a series of postures like Warrior Two (demonstrated nicely by Eric, above) and Trikonasana (demonstrated by me and Jaja, below). My instructor Robert describes the asanas as flowers on a lei, with your breath as the string that holds them together.

A lot of the focus of yoga is on breathing. My favorite Robert quote of late is "yoga is not about tension; it's about intention through breath." I love it.

The top photo was taken by Jaja on her manual camera (what's that?). The bottom was taken by LStad, both at Big Sur. And here's a hilarious website I found that shows you how to do the asana poses through animation.

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