Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OMG Kitties!

Just a tidbit of cuteness for today. I went to San Diego to visit my friend Chez a few weekends ago and we spent a lot of the time playing with her kittens (as one does when confronted with kittens). This is an award-winning bit of cinematography on my part too, make sure you watch the whole thing, there's a surprise ending! (I had to post it on youtube because it is too long for Blogger to deal with).


Carlene said...

You guys sound like you were *crying* you were laughing so hard.

I am the first commenter so I get to be the first to say it. Someone let the cat out of the bag. Ha. Ha.

Somebody stop me.

Era said...

Oh you are too punny. And you're right, the camera is shaking with my belly laughs and I was trying to wipe tears from my eyes while filming.

Nicole said...

The best part of that video was hearing you guys laughing.