Monday, June 2, 2008

So Long May!

fair ladies tall lovers
riding are through the
(with wonder into colours
all into singing)may

wonder a with deep
(A so wonder pure)
even than the green
the new the earth more

moving(all gay
fair brave tall young
come they)through the may
in fragrance and song

wonderingly come
(brighter than prayers)
riding through a Dream
like fire called flowers

over green the new
earth a day of may
under more a blue
than blue can be sky

always(through fragrance
and singing)come lovers
with slender their ladies
(Each youngest)in sunlight

- e. e. cummings


Carlene said...

Gorgeous photos! Didn't May go by so fast!? Also, if that's basil, can you fax me some?

Nicole said...

So beautiful--- the pictures and the words. So appropriate . . . as poetry appreciation night just ended.