Monday, June 23, 2008

Helena, Saint of Bicycles and Pastry

A few weeks ago I spent an idyllic four days in St. Helena, working on my thesis (really) and hanging out with my girl Jaja in the house on Inglewood Ave. We spent the time in the following manner:

1. Taking long morning bike rides that usually ended with us in the bakery buying pastries for breakfast.

The bike path across from Beringer Winery

A particularly long and hilly ride

2. Enjoying the landscape.

The view from the house on Inglewood Ave.

3. Schmoozing with wine people and generally pretending to be a part of the world of Napa Valley.

Prager Port and Winery

Barrels of home-made wine in the garage on Inglewood Ave.

4. Treating ourselves to good food.

The adorable kitchen garden at Go Fish

Watching the game in the outdoor bar at Go Fish

Local bread, cheese, tomatoes, and basil for lunch from the Farmer's Market

5. Working on projects (my thesis, her sewing).

The view from my work desk

All I could do the whole time was laugh at how lucky I am and revel in the joys of summer and unscheduled time. So precious and so fleeting.

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Nicole said...

Looks lovely! We are so lucky to be able to do the things we do! And great post about kids and gardens. What luck (was it just luck? Destiny, maybe) that you got to be involved with that program.