Thursday, June 12, 2008

Potato, Potato, however you want to say it

This week's CSA box: Cabbage, carrots, arugula (not pictured), salad mix, fresh torpedo onions, huckleberry potatoes, summer squash, and basil from my own garden.

I decided that I will pass along a bit of info from the newsletter I get with each box. Did you know that "new" potatoes are just the potatoes that are harvested at the beginning of the season? As opposed to "cured" potatoes which are harvested at the end of the season. Here I was thinking that they were some special variety. Sheesh.

The newsletter, "The Fully Belly Beet" also told me this week that new potatoes should be eaten with the skin on, and treated like a fresh vegetable (that means refrigeration). Also, "the potato is the world's 4th most important crop after rice, wheat and maize . . . and can be grown more quickly on less land in harsher climates than any of the other important crops."

There's your potato knowledge for the week!

Also, my good friend Mike back in Philly is also taking pictures of his CSA box and posting them on his blog, found here. Yay!

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