Monday, December 15, 2008

Clothing Swap, Redux

My friend Zoey and I decided to do an alternative clothing swamp a while back (oh, about two years) where we would give each other articles of clothing we no longer wanted, and the other person would modify and return it. Sounded awesome, and we made the swap. She surprised me by actually following through on the idea a year later and sending me my old dress as a new shirt. It took me another year to catch up and finish my side of the bargain. So here it is, my contribution to our clothing swap.

She gave me an old windbreaker and two pairs of too-small underwear (unused as far as I know):

Now I ask you, what on earth could I have made with those things? I gave her an old stretchy cotton dress that she made into a shirt. The shirt was complex, but at least the materials weren't. So here's what I did.

I took some flax seed, lavender seed, and hop flowers:

and I sewed them into a small piece of the lining from the wind breaker, and used the rest of the windbreaker plus the elastic bands from the underwear to made an eye shade for sleeping:

And I made sure that no one would disturb her during her slumber:

Ah, two long-term projects finished in one month. That's progress! Now the best part will be the shock on her face when she finds out that I didn't forget about the clothing swap!


Carlene said...

Hee hee, that's cute! Last year I made my husband a cross stitch bookmark that said )(@*$&€ Off, I'm Reading.

akatsuki said...

Brilliant! What a fun idea!