Monday, December 1, 2008

My Newest House

Welcome to my new house! It's a row house on Osage Avenue in West Philadelphia. A lot of the streets in Philadelphia are named after trees and I'm proud to live on one of the wierdest of them. Walnut? Spruce? Pshaw! Give me Osage!

It's unassuming from the outside but it rules inside. Each room is a different color and we have wood floors, a sun room, and a basement. Come in!

The sun room is painted yellow and is full of plants and bikes, perfect. The plants are my little touch, of course.

Here's our sitting room, with my new painting. This room is light green with darker green trim and a fancy floor.

The dining room is bright red and full of records. Two of four walls are covered with records because I live with a DJ. And that DJ is M. That's right, I'm officially cohabitating (eeeeee!).

Our kitchen is beige with dark green trim and marble countertops! We also have a separate uninsulated pantry through that back door that leads to the alley and our parking spaces! Sorry about the excessive exclamation points. I'm just excited.

Upstairs we have three bedrooms and a bathroom. We live with M's brother and another friend, whose rooms are bright blue and bright green. The bathroom is also bright green.

Our room is dusky purple. We have a lot of stuff. You might recognize some of the artwork pictured here . . .

I'm very proud of my closet organization skills. That will last, um, three days. I also added some hidden William Wegman prints for inspiration.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I spent a few days in NJ with my family, and then on Sunday M and I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see a very special installation. More on that later. Right now I'm going to make myself some tea and settle into my new surroundings.


Carlene said...

Nice! Congratulations, you sound so happy!

I love the kitchen & dining room. (Those guys in the kitchen door window cracked me up.)

sonrie said...

exciting new chapter in your life! good luck :)

MeesheMama said...

Welcome back! Your home is awesome. Wait-- are you with "M" as in the same "M"? Well, same or different, you both should come to dinner sometime since you are less than 3000 miles away now. Hooray!

chelsea said...

it is really really lovely, im so happy you found such a perfect space.

akatsuki said...

Love your shoe collection!

Nicole said...

That looks like a very cool house--I love the kitchen! Excellent job on the closet, can't wait to hear more about life there!

Anonymous said...

Google street view doesn't even do it justice :)