Thursday, October 30, 2008

It feels good to buy art

I bought this gorgeous painting from my friend Kirsten a few weeks ago at our best local coffee shop/gallery/performance space, Delta of Venus. Isn't it awesome!! It's a hawk, not sure what kind. The colors are just incredible and it's painted on a peice of corrugated cardboard. An interesting choice, and a good one I think because it cuts down on the cost of materials and adds a more casual feel to this "fine art" peice. I think it would look a bit too formal on a regular canvas. I got it framed and matted at this great local frame shop, too. The frame cost more than the painting, but it was worth it (it has non-reflective glass and the matting is meticulous).

This feeling reminds me of a story by one of my favorite story-tellers, Kevin Kling. From "Buying Art" on the Wonderlure CD:

"I remember the first piece of art I ever sold. I was in college. One night I saw Audrey, a flute player with the band, sitting at a local pub with a friend. I introduced myself and announced I also had an interest in the arts, that I had shown quite an aptitude in a drawing class. Audrey seemed preoccupied but her friend wanted to know if I had some sketches back in my room. "Why yes I do, I do have sketches back in my room." She then wondered if I'd show her my portfolio. "Of course!" And we were off. When we got to my room, I took out my portfolio and to a somewhat surprised Audrey's friend, I displayed my sketches. Especially the human figures and how the hands and feet give me the most trouble as you can see by the shoes and mittens. She was impressed. And then, when I felt the evening couldn't get any better, she said she wanted to, "you know, buy a painting." "Of course," I said. Then she leaned into me and whispered, "it feels good to buy art." I said, "I know." I've never forgotten that evening. That evening I knew I was a professional artist.

. . . The first performance art I ever bought was a viewing of Mary Gilligan's appendix scar during recess behind the brick pump house. It challenged me."

Listen to him tell stories (in his amazing Minnesota accent) at Minnesota Public Radio
and National Public Radio.

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chelsea said...

mmm, that is fantastic. I've yet to buy any original art, but the day will come. your friend is incredibly talented!