Sunday, October 26, 2008

Check out my booty!

Behold the perks of going to an ag school:

The housemates and I are having a pumpkin-carving party this week and I decided that there must be a way for us to do this for free. So I called up the professor I used to TA for (who also gave me a season's worth of veggie transplants for free . . . twice). In exchange for driving a van on one of his class field trips, I was able to go on said field trip and pick all of this booty. For free.

Four watermelons, two winter squash, a few pounds of grapes, a bag full of walnuts, and seven pumpkins. Stay tuned for the results of our carving!


miss lila said...

what a great haul! i followed you home from your comment on yarnstorm and i really admire your ethics & aspirations in gardening and nutrition (HUGE props on your master's!) - and your knitting is pretty nice, too!


visually delight-full haul!
I just posted pumpkin theme too!
Perfect season indeed...hope to hear from you too dear*
~Happy Fall!