Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Unexpected Beanie

Well, I tried to make the "Robin's Egg Blue Hat" by Rachel Iufer, but mine definitely turned into a beanie rather than a nice tight cap. It kind of hangs. But that's okay, I think I know someone with a head big enough to appreciate this beanie, and an appreciation for buttons . . .

The pattern is very simple, and I love the little flap (though it looks better with a single color yarn than my crazy fall colors, I guess). If you try it, take her advice and come up with a different way to decrease. I also blocked this before sewing the flap together, which added to the slouch-factor.

Why do we do this to our animals? And why does it incapacitate me with giggles every time?


Carlene said...

I love it! The puppy definitely does not have a head big enough for this beanie, nor does he have adequate appreciation for your knitting.

chelsea said...

the slouch looks rather chic on the pup, I think. I like my hats with lots of no-hair-flattening space anyways and the band looks to keep it all grounded. very sweet!