Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The carved masterpeices, from left: Hege made a silouette of her three cats (Fred, Henry, and Alf), Paula made a "bullcat," I made a grinning face (scroll down, it looks better in the day time), and Crystal made a headless horseman.

Here's my grinner. She's happy because she turned in her thesis that morning. Crys (the newest housemate) made a running girl.

And check out these amazing embroidered felt nature buttons. Jaja found them on the internets and shared, thanks Jaja!


Jeannie said...

You & your friends did a great job! May you always live a charmed life! Happy Halloween

chelsea said...

thats a beautiful set of chompers on your pumpkin there!

Felicia said...

I especially love the three kitties one :)