Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woolly Love

This past weekend a few friends and I biked out to the Yolo Wool Mill open house, pretty much the best thing, ever. I've been looking forward to the open house this year for a few weeks now.

This year we got there earlier than last year and we got to see the sheep shearing demonstrations. I took a few photos, as you can see. And it had nothing to do with the adorableness of the sheep-shearing-guy, no sirreee . . . (ahem, check out the second video, right at the end, ahem).

We got to see them shearing by hand and by machine, and learn about the pros and cons of each (and the pros and cons of shearing white versus black sheep; apparently you want to shear a black sheep when you're in front of an audience because they can't tell when you nick the sheep with your shears, ew).

Oooh, and these guys were there, too! Alpacas and something rarer that I can't remember. So cute and soft.

Check out those bangs, that's gonna be my new look. God, I love farm stuff. Pretty soon I'll be trying to figure out urban farm stuff. Speaking of which, read this wild article about urban farming in Toronto.


J.W. said...

um, AWESOME POST. for these reasons: 1) sheep shearer gets a yay not a neigh (groan), 2) the nosy picture is MY FAVORITE (but the lamb sticking out his tongue is a close second!), 3) watching sheep getting sheared reminds me of fats cats sitting on their butts with their tummies hanging out. both paralyze my brain with giggles.

Carlene said...

Oh. My. God. I swear I'm moving to California. Those first 2 photos alone. Ack.

miss lila said...

oooh, that all looks so rad! i really want to do something like this - living in FL means i miss out on a lot of wool!