Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Tracks


It begins with a blanket of freshly fallen snow.

A sparrow (Passer domesticus) flying above sees a dark spot on the ground. She lands on the ground to investigate and hops about distractedly, creating a weebly wobbly pattern in the snow (sparrows can be such silly birds).

Stopping quickly, a cottontail bunny (Sylvilagus floridanus) carefully sniffs the air. Is there a predator nearby?

Crouching low, the house cat (Felis catus) waits for the perfect moment to pounce. Her eyes narrow in anticipation but she is patient and sits very still. She can make herself appear as small and quiet as a stone.

A woman (Homo sapiens sapiens) ventures out of her warm living room to take a walk in the frozen morning air. She stoops low to see which animals have passed by her door that morning. The tracks she sees tell a story which she reads in the freshly fallen snow.

It began with a blanket of freshly fallen snow.


Geno's Garden said...

that's the sweetest. Brings tears to my eyes. You are a botanist and a poet. Jeannie

Katie said...

Very cool pictures and story.

Carlene said...

That is so great. You would love these cards I sent one year from Saturn Press:


J.W. said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I LUUUUURVE IT! i'm with jeannie ... a poet who didn't even know it.. i feel like i took a five minutes vacation from my vacation when reading that...